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Congratulations, you have found your way to my technical blog. You can reach me on Twitter, github or via email.

I'm Russ Olsen and if you ask I'd probably say that I'm a engineer. Software mostly, those in my youth I dabbled in mechanical engineering until I found that I had absolutely no talent for it.


I like to write and have written a number of technical books.

Interviews and Articles

I've also done a fair number of interviews and articles over the years. Possibly the most popular one to date is:

I'm also quite proud of:

But I have done a bunch:

Conference Talks

I also do a fair bit of public speaking. My most popular talk by far is:

But I'm also quite proud of:

Lately I've been doing more and more Clojure and my day job now is with Cognitect the company behind Clojure. Among other things I edit and do the intros and outros for our company podcast, The Cognicast.

You can always find me at or on Twitter at @russolsen

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