Eloquent Explanations Talk Is Now Online

Posted on Dec 20th, 2012
Categories: explaining

The talk that I’ve had the most fun doing lately is finally online. Here’s the official description:

Have you ever thought about how much of software engineering involves explaining things? We stick comments in our program to explain why we added X to Y, we type up README files to explain the program, we write proposals to explain why the program should be funded and we spend the afternoon explaining the whole thing to the new guy so that we can move on to something new. A decent explanation can be the difference between success and obscurity: Would there be any Ruby conferences if not for that original 15 minute build-a-blog screencast for Rails?

In this talk Russ Olsen will run through the things that you can do to craft explanations that are clear, engaging and perhaps even a bit funny. Russ will do his best to be clear, engaging and perhaps a bit funny.

This version is from last Summer at the Rocky Mountain Ruby conference in Boulder.



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