Another InformIT article!

Posted on Aug 13th, 2012
Categories: ruby

I haven’t been blogging lately, but I have been writing. I recently did an interview with Michael Hart, the author of  Ruby on Rails Tutorial, 2nd edition. Here’s how it starts:

Russ: One thing that surprised me as I was preparing for this interview is that you have a Ph.D. in theoretical physics. How did you start in physics and end up in Ruby?

Michael: My work was mainly in computational physics, so I was writing programs all the time as part of my Ph.D. research. I also got interested in the idea of starting a company when I graduated. It was obvious in the late ’90s that software was moving online, so I decided to learn web development. I started with PHP, moved on to Python (in the pre-Django days), and then found Rails.

You can find the whole interview here: An Interview with Michael Hartl: Ruby on Rails, the ‘Magic’ Problem, and the Higgs Boson


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