Halfway Through 2012

Posted on Jul 2nd, 2012
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Today is July 1 and that means that the first six months of 2012 are history. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Books Read Thirty Two. Sad that Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs is not on that list. Happy that it will be the first book that I finish in the 2nd half of the year since I’m just 100 pages from done.

Miles Hiked A couple of hundred but I should have kept better track.

Most Inane Discovery There are Ulysses S Grant $1 coins. My grandfather was named after the Civil War general and 18th US president. Imagine going thru life with Ulysses as your first name.

Blog Articles Written Twelve

New Programming Languages Wrestled With Two — Clojure and JavaScript. Three if you count CoffeeScript. (Ruby is no longer a struggle, finally. We do punch each other in the shoulder occasionally, just to show that we care).

JavaScript Projects Completed Just one, but a biggie because it was first.

Ukuleles Acquired Just one. I think the UAS is finally under control.

Most Popular Article Ruby reading list by a mile.

Best Conference Moment Hearing someone at RubyNation 2012 say that RubyNation 2008 changed his life (I’m a RubyNation organizer)

Best Work Moment Since I work at Relevance, too many to list. Having said that,  dialing into an early morning standup the other day to hear Michael Fogus say “More fish-sticks!” does come to mind.

Most Insane (in a good way) Coworker The golden straight jacket has to go to Chad Humphries, though there are many, many runners up.

Best Personal Moment Seeing my son graduate.

Saddest Personal Moment Seeing my son graduate.

New Book Projects <<REDACTED >> But stay tuned.

I love living in the future.


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