Ruby Nation 2012 Is A Wrap!

Posted on Mar 27th, 2012
Categories: explaining, ruby, lists

Ruby Nation is over for another year. For me the high points of the conference were:

  • Having a chance to chat with the other Ruby Nation organizers. We tend to be all business in the run up to the conference and it’s nice to be able to just shoot the breeze.

  • Talking space elevators with Dave Keener.

  • Pretending that Pete Campbell (@sumirolabs) wrote his own very flattering intro. Except that Pete did write his own intro. And it was pretty flattering…

  • Having Sandi Metz punch me in the shoulder 6,183 times. Over all, 5,792 of those hits where in exactly the same spot which is, I think, a new personal best.

  • Introducing Justin Gehtland by saying “This is Stu Halloway…” a couple of times.

  • Realizing we no longer do the “Who gets paid for writing Ruby?” poll at the end of the conference. If you know Ruby, you can get paid to write it.

  • Having people laugh at the “Numerical Techniques that Usually Work” joke.

  • Signing a copy of Eloquent Ruby for this guy who seemed equal parts embarrassed to be asking and pleased that I would do it. (My policy is that if you buy a copy of one of my books, I’ll sign any name you like in it.)

  • Overhearing people talking about Datomic. Finally.

  • Having someone tell me that Ruby Nation 2008 changed his life.

See you all next year!


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